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Evan Stout was born and raised in rural Maine among the towering pines, pristine lakes and rivers, and along the rocky coast. Evan grew up hiking and fishing across Maine, a respect and love for the outdoors was solidified at an early age. By college, he pursued an education in Outdoor Education, and Recreation, and graduated with a B.S. from the University of Maine at Presque Isle. He is also an alumni of the National Outdoor Leadership School semester in the Yukon Territory.

After college, Evan spent a year teaching 8th grade Earth science at a local junior high. While educating came natural, being raised by teachers, the natural world and the wonders of the West were calling.

After making the move to the west, Evan worked for a guide service which sent him to all corners of North America. From the deserts of the Southwest, to the northern tip of Nova Scotia, and to the Arctic Circle in Alaska he explored, hiked, and guided travelers from all around the world. This diversity of clientele, varying situations and settings sharpened his skill and repertoire as a guide to the highest level. But there was one park that kept calling him back.

In 2015 Evan made the decision to move full time to Gardiner, Montana, and focus solely on Yellowstone Park. Ever since he has been guiding day safaris, multi-day backpacking, and fishing trips into Yellowstone. His knowledge and passion for Yellowstone’s unfettered wilderness and the animals that call it home shine through on every outing. Combined with his years of experience guiding, we are confident every guest will go home with memories that will last a lifetime.


Kyle Dudgeon


Kyle Dudgeon is a naturalist, nature photographer, filmmaker and guide with true passion and knowledge for the wildlife and wilderness of the American West. After pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in the Environmental Sciences in northern New York, Kyle worked as a biological field technician throughout Montana before eventually finding his home in Bozeman. He discovered his true love for Yellowstone through numerous solo experiences throughout the park watching birds and wildlife. Whether it be tracking great gray owls through dense, lodgepole pine forests in Yellowstone’s interior, or spending sub-zero mornings with American bison in Lamar Valley, Kyle is dedicated to his role of capturing the park’s essence through eyes and camera. Aside from naturalist guiding in the park, Kyle works in the various realms of visual storytelling to try and facilitate connections between people and wildlife, as both work to navigate a changing world.

Kyle’s full portfolio can be found at:


Dave Bickerton – Always enjoyed the great outdoors, wilderness, wildlife and fly fishing. Visiting Yellowstone was a game changer from the sheer expanse of wilderness, scale of landscape, eco-system, the weather, wildlife and of course the fly fishing. My knowledge of wildlife has expanded greatly as my experience in Yellowstone has increased with every visit, to the point that we now own and live part time in a property in Gardiner MT.

Jo Thrussell – Every day in the park leaves you hungry for more. With its changing landscape, diverse ecosystems and dynamic species relationships, Yellowstone never fails to thrill. Since arriving for a holiday in 2017, my childhood passion for wildlife has never known such riches. Whether you enjoy hiking, backpacking, wildlife watching, photography or fly fishing, you will find plenty to experience – one day is never enough!