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We believe that experiencing Yellowstone National Park may be the best and most direct route to learning, connecting with, and protecting the resources we cherish. We also know that experience comes with responsibility. The national park service has laid out their own set of guidelines which we will adhere to at all times. These include safe distances from animals, staying on boardwalks and marked trails (where defined), driving safety and the rules of our commercial use agreement. However, over the years it has been our experience that there are nuanced decisions to be made within the grey areas of the official park policies. Yellowstone Wildlife Guide Company will use our experience, knowledge and understanding of the natural world to always make safety and well-being of our clients, and natural resources our utmost priority. This may mean at times making decisions based on dynamic situations to err on the side of safety and caution for our clients and the animals.

We started this company because of our love for Yellowstone National Park; an enduring place of wilderness is paramount and to that end, we uphold the following principles on all our tours.

  • Respecting the wilderness, ecosystem and animals above everything else
  • Leave No Trace Practices & Policies
  • Respecting other visitors to the park
  • Promoting good stewardship through leadership and action
  • Instilling respect and care for wild animals and places through education and experience